Recurring Deposit Scheme
  Members can invest minimum 200/- p.m.
  1. January Recurring Deposit Period from December to November every year.
  2. Education Recurring Deposit Period from April to March every year.
  3. Festival Recurring Deposit Period from September to August every year.
  from Oct. 2015 Interest Rate on Recurring Deposits is 9% p.a.
  Duration : 12 months.
If recurring deposit is premature, rate of interest will be 5% p.a.
If recurring deposit is premature on or before 3 months, interest, will not be given
Monthly Fixed Deposit
  Period : Maximum 24 Months
  Members can invest a minimum amount of `  20,000/-
Rate of Interest will be 6.5% up to 24 months
Rate of Interest will be 7 % up to 24 months Only for Retired Members
(Applicable date is 01/08/2020)
Interest will be paid by various ways-

Monthly Interest
Monthly interest will be directly credited to your Saving Bank a/c thro NECS or NEFT every month.
If FD is premature  interest rate applicable for completed period will applied & excess int. paid will be deducted from prematurely amount at the time of payment.
Simple Fixed Deposit
  Members can invest a minimum amount of Rs.5,000/-
  Interest rates on Deposit are as follows

3 months : 3%
6 months : 4%
12 months : 5%
18 months : 6%
24 months : 6.5%

         Special Rate for Retired Members @7% for 24 Months. (From 01.08.2020)

Int. will be  paid at the time of maturity only.
In case FD is premature, int. rate for completed period will be given.
  Member can avail loan against Fixed Deposit up to 80% of deposit amount @ 2% more interest



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